Bike Trail Information

Currently, the Main Line Canal Greenway corridor is not designed as a single, long distance trail for unimpeded travel between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg. However, a network of land and water trails enable locals and visitors alike to experience portions of the Greenway, it’s landscape, communities, and historic and cultural assets.


Friends of the Riverfront own and maintain miles and miles of Three Rivers Heritage Trails within the Greenway corridor that have revitalized Pittsburgh’s waterfronts.

Trans Allegheny Trails

The Trans Allegheny Trails converse a large portion of the Greenway. This is a system of rail-trails – with attitude. Most sections of the Trans Allegheny Trails are almost level, while other sections are downright challenging. The trails reflect our unique western and central PA landscape.

The Alleghenies

Although no substantial rail-trails currently exist in the eastern Juniata section of the Main Line Canal Greenway corridor, a plethora of hiking trails traverse the area. The Alleghenies maintains a searchable trail database.


The Capital Area Greenbelt is a 20 mile historic trail encircling the capital city of Harrisburg. Originally visualized round the turn of the 20th century as “emerald necklace” connecting community assets and larger park, the loop has been brought back to life with the cooperation of five municipalities.


The Susquehanna Greenway also offers many hiking and biking opportunities in the Harrisburg area and surrounding counties.